never the mortgage

by Sacred Product

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This is my latest alllllllllllllbummmmmmmmm,um, yes. Help fund my next rent payment............


released January 12, 2016

my best friend and worst enemy



all rights reserved


Sacred Product Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Constant Renovator

i'm getting kind of sick of the constant renovating
going on around here around me
constant speculator in a cheesecutter hat
raising my rent just to raise more money

there's way too many winners in this market driven world
someone has to pay the price
capitalism is the master's race
things don't always turn out nice

eat a fat steak at the restaurant
denim jeans that never see the dirt
if you can't partake you're an imbecile
that's why we have the special olympics(that no one watches)

careers take up time there's no time to waste
all this crap leaves me with a bad taste
there's no room unless you compete
build a castle so the name lives on
Track Name: Digital Files

We're all just digital files
do I need to know all the details of your lives?
too many idiots too many likes
makes me wanna take a hike

put it to use if you can't it's no good
just clogging up the page let it be understood
blah blah blah blah blah blah
another drumbeat another guitar

the more money the more you've got to waste
what's all this hurry ....and this haste
we're all off to the same place
unless you crash with too much face

there's no end there was no start
i'm just making all this up
take some time to look around
and there might be your friend
Track Name: Mute Arts Carnival

The wacky and weird novelty sound
makes a scene of this underground
it's really great that DIY
creating culture to make things better

Support the arts but don't talk to friends
Hearsay makes great front page news
Another tragedy everybody cries
It all leads back to self concern

A whole lot of art but no therapy
No discussion but a lot of community
Sign another facebook petitiion
But keep those local fires burning

I guess we've all got a lot on our plate
Feeding self pity keep breeding the hate
All this drama it leaves me feeling Flat
Overgrown weeds the balls in your court

How are things meant to get any better
When no-one wants to sit at the same table
It might get ugly but at least something's said
Try to resolve the difference's we had

fuck the mute arts small town carnival
lack of communication I've had a guts full

10 7 9(a) 7(a) 10
6 5(a)-5 3 8(a)-7
Track Name: Social Anti Social

sitting on a golden throne with a silver spoon and empty syringe
wake up at the end of the day play the shiny trumpet with a sorrowful tune
he's the centre of his universe takes perverse pleasure in pain
the love of arseholes and the payday binge I'm getting out of here

suffering is food to him friends of despair keep on travelling down
you deserve a treat because the worlds fucked up
small bags of joy and cheap red wine

living with the slow motion wreck
first world intellect with the world at your feet
those books on those shelves with those definitions of hell
nurture self-suffering it's too messed up

coming down with more misery
chain smoking joviality
the medicine has become a disease
the bulletproof straitjacket starts to rot

I'm sick of people adding more shit to the world
we could never talk you felt too persecuted
raise your voice just to abuse me
small town legend small town problem
Track Name: Sucked In For A Buck
try to work hard at this dead end job
going nowhere it keeps wearing me out
round and round till the money comes in
friends of the Boss get a big foot in

dicks with boots two sizes too big
dominate this place with big foot prints
more like a hospital run by the sick
with hungry banks and far away trips

bark like a dog with a dry bone
save for a deposit on a subdivided home
staff party with beer and a sneaky grin
terminate the contract leave this thing

for a dollar more I watched them rise
they need structure in their structured lives
to stand on something absolute
quietly crushing colour underfoot

what's the stress worth worrying for
masters don't care they just need more
it's their wealth we facilitate
eating scraps but we filled the plate

sucked in for a buck to pay the bill
doesn't pay to question it all
Track Name: Surface Paradise

surface paradise mailorder bride
geriatric fountain of youth
movieworld wet 'n' wild
toolies and their sexual abuse

roasting flesh trash on the beach
implants that look too big
old man pushing a pram
go to sleep living the dream

security guards and money machines
relax in your golden years
attention seeking jetskis
swim between the flags
Track Name: Walking Wounded

junk sucks them right on in
spits them out into the ground
vomit and walk and cross the road
I've lost yet another friend

streets alive with the buzz of hustle
dealers keep calling out for Jason
somebodies edgy lost all their patience
a stronger hit/cornered market

back home it's a secret kind of death
behind closed doors and out of sight
a blissfull waltz a way to slide
Johnston Street has nothing to hide

bones and veins and sagging skin
a man cooking up on a front lawn
high climbing buildings going nowhere
it's a social disease eats up the poor